The former Highland and Lowland units of the UK Civil Air Patrol have now combined into one unit covering all of Scotland. This links well with the single unit covering Northern Ireland and the 7 units covering England.
The purpose of the UK Civil Air Patrol is to provide occasional airborne assistance to first responders, agencies, groups or individuals who would otherwise not have access to such a facility or who may need to temporarily extend the reach of their own established air support. Our role is strictly humanitarian and voluntary; primarily to support communities by providing stand alone assistance or to be complementary to established air support including that of the police, Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
UKCAP Scotland has aircraft, pilots and observers based all over the country operating from permanent airfields and farm strips. This ensures maximum flexibility and reduces transit time by air to the scene of assistance. The unit is also developing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capability that can, uniquely, form combined and closely coordinated search and survey operations between UAV and manned aircraft.
Air Search
Searching from the air at around 800ft above ground level provides spectacular advantages over a conventional search. Using either visual or photography-based search techniques, areas are cleared in a fraction of the time and effort it would take for a ground search
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Aerial Photography
Reference photography for the emergency services; archaeological and wildlife survey and data gathering; crop monitoring; coastal erosion survey; flood and pollution recording; post-incident evidence gathering; the list goes on…..
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Flood Monitoring
Aircraft providing constant airborne observation and real-time reporting of flood developments are invaluable to local authorities, animal and environmental protection agencies, rescue services and emergency agencies
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