UK Civil Air Patrol is always looking for new members to act as pilots, observers or supporters.  If you are thinking of joining us please bear in mind that as a member of the UKCAP, you will be required to take an active role in both training and ops if you are aircrew and in organisational aspects if you are a supporter.
Details on roles are outlined below.  For aircrew, there is a degree of personal study to cover the Ops Manual, standard operating procedures and techniques.  This study is combined with stand alone training flights and exercises in which most of the Unit may be involved.  Allocation to assistance flights is dependent on crew experience and training level. 
The UKCAP is a volunteer organisation and as part of the Voluntary Sector, members will be expected to readily get involved and maintain a high degree of initiative both during training and when operating ‘in the field’.
As with all voluntary organisations, you only get out what you are prepared to put in!
Those who are interested or want to learn more, please contact the email address at the foot of the page’.