Tay Estuary Searches

Following reports of a missing person, allegedly seen in the river Tay on 19th December 2016, a large-scale search was initiated by the emergency services.  After around 48 hours the search parties were stood down and there followed a period of particularly rough weather during which light aircraft flying was not possible.  However, when conditions cleared, UKCAP Scotland mounted a search of the estuary and this was followed up by a second search early in the new year.  Despite excellent conditions and an exhaustive search of the upper and middle regions of the estuary, nothing reportable was seen although many 'spots' were investigated.  It must be stated that in line with current policy, no information or coordination was passed to UKCAPS by Police Scotland so these searches were entirely 'blind', which markedly reduced their effectiveness.  However, in the circumstances, the effort was considered worthwhile.  Both search sorties were cleared with the UK Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre at Fareham.